Tiny Sheepadoodles

Due July 2018 ~ Waiting Confirmation

These pups have been designed by using our Mini Sheepadoodle Phoebe and mating her with a purebred AKC miniature Poodle stud from Doodle Creek.  Oakley weighs in around 17 lbs and Phoebe weighs in around 28 lbs. The pups should be an average size of their parents, ranging in weights from about 20-30 lbs. Because we have planned this breeding over several years, we have designed that these pups will look like a Sheepadoodle – in the tiny size!  The coats of these pups are lovely too! They will have fleecy hypoallergenic coats that are silky soft! What a superb litter of pups!  Priced at $4,000 – HST included

Feel welcome to join our waiting list for Summer 2018 puppies.  

See some of our past Tiny Sheepadoodle pups here on Instagram

Theo Does Things

Stella  Doode

Female 3 – Stella – Spoken For