Testimonies & Updates

Benji ~ Moyen F1b Sheepadoodle ~ Jewels x Wrigley Summer 2017

Hi Delicia,
Hope all is well with you!
As little Benji is just about to hit 6 months
(Jewels x Wrigley moyen litter), we thought we would send an update on how he is doing! See some pics attached.
He is growing up fast – we had him weighed last weekend and he was 36lbs; although he is mainly fluff, as we expected him to be heavier! He’s such a happy little guy who loves meeting new people and dogs, and has such a sweet temperament. He has been amazing with crate training, and actually loves hanging out in there (see one of the pics).
He has been loving all the snow we have been having, and his new obsession is with balls – he could play fetch for hours! He is such a sweetheart, who makes us smile every day! Thanks for bringing him to us!
All the best,
Pip & Chris  – February 2018

Murry ~ Standard Sheepadoodle ~ Missy x Jake 2017

January 2018

Hi Delicia, Murry is now 6 months old and he is a happy and playful boy.  He is very sweet and he is pretty sure he is a lap dog.  He loves the snow and hiking and he is super playful with many toys both inside and out.  He crate trained like a dream!  I have attached some photos for you. 

From, The Butchart Family


Fergus ~ Standard Sheepadoodle ~ Missy x Jake 

We are so proud of you Fergus! You are going to make so many people happy that needed a smile for the day.

“Hi, Just to give you an update on Fergus (Misty and Jake’s born July 21/2016). He just became a PALS dog (Pet Access League Society). PALS dog’s are therapy dogs who do scheduled visits to Hospitals, Seniors Care Facilities, Schools, Airports, etc. I am so excited. I wanted to share the great news. He’s such a sweetheart.”

~ The Duguid Family ~


Finn ~ Standard Sheepadoodle ~ Sarah x Bruno

October 2017 ~ Hello Delicia and family! Just sending a quick update on Finn as he has now hit the 6 month mark!
We all are doing well, continuing with regular obedience classes and training and I must say, Finn is a pretty smart puppy! He loves going to class, as well as doggy daycare 1-2 times a week, and learns very quickly! He is a friendly big guy ( weighs 45 lbs presently!) and greets everyone on our walks around the neighbourhood! We have had so many comments on how well behaved and beautiful he is and we definitely agree!
As the weather becomes cooler, we look forward to Finns first winter and will definitely send you some ‘snow’ photos! Should be interesting and exciting!
Hope you all are well, it’s nice to stay connected through your Facebook and Instagram pages, so many beautiful pups you continue to have!
Take care and enjoy your fall season!
Douglas Family

Zoey ~ Moyen Sheepadoodle ~ Jewels x Wrigley

This sweet yet spunky little gal is our first brown and white Sheepadoodle. She lives in Alberta with her wonderful people family!  Watch for monthly updated photos of her in this chair as she grows!

2 Months Old

3 Months old

4 Months Old


5 months


Bailey ~ Standard Sheepadoodle Sarah x Bruno

December 2017 ~ Bailey at 8 and 6 months. A very happy and smart dog.

August 2017 ~ This is a terrific dog! Calm, fun, social, likes to swim and play.  Took to the crate and car travel very well.  She also likes being brushed…that helps.

Really happy and TONs of compliments.

We laugh that she was the 9th pick.  Too cute.

Growing fast.

Thanks,  The McBean Family


July 2017 ~ Bailey is doing great!  GROWING fast. Her markings are terrific. Quite happy and she turns a lot of heads.

The McBean Family

Francis Bean ~ Standard Sheepadoodle – Jewels x Jake

October 2017

Hi Delicia,

Francis is now 8 months old and weighs 30 lb.  By the end of the summer, she was taking laps around our pool! She’s going thru a bit of a destructive phase when it comes to her toys right now! Nothing lasts very long. Can’t wait to see her in the snow! Happy Fall, Liana



September 2017

Hi Delicia, Francis hasn’t really gained weight this month (26 lb at 7 months). She started Doggie Daycare when we went back to school- loves playing with other dogs, great with kids… still chasing the cat and wow can she jump high! She’s even learning to catch a frisbee! Thank you for her! No sign of hair turning gray…. Liana


August 2017

Hi Delicia,

6 month old Francis Bean just got back from a week of camping, and a lot of swimming! She weighs 28 lb (probably smaller than her litter mates because she was “the runt”!)
She enjoys stealing baseball hats, digging holes, and jumping!
Thank you for our giant teddy bear!
Hope everyone is well, Liana



Hey there Delicia,

At 5 months (today!) Francis has settled down into a fun, protective, hilarious member of the family. She looks serious in these pictures, but she is not! She’s 23 lb now.
No more accidents in the house – she rings the bell to go outside, enjoys “walking herself” by holding the leash in her mouth, and still loves chasing the cat! Has always slept in a crate, but if my husband’s away… she sleeps on the bed!
Thanks again!


Abby ~ Mini Sheepadoodle Chloe x Domino

December 2016 ~ Abby is 24lbs right now. She is so good at night time routine. We go out at 9:45 for a pee and come back and she races to the kitchen and sits with one paw up and waits that way for me to get there to give her her vitamin. After she chews it up she goes into her crate all on her own without me calling her to or picking her up and putting her in it. such such a good girl! She can sit..give a paw..she stays and comes when we say the commands. We are working on “down” when she jumps up on people. That one is a little trickier. 🙂

January 2017 ~ Took her for a haircut this week. They cut 3″ off!  She is still so cute. We are very attached to her. Getting Abby has been so so good for R. A companion and more responsibility 🙂 Abby LOVES running to the front door when she hears R’s bus outside. So then we go out to meet R and Abby goes crazy!


Ellie ~ Standard Sheepadoodle Missy x Jake

Hi there!  How you do’in? Ellie here! 32 lbs now,  at 4 1/2 months.
She runs like the wind.. and loves cuddling!  She’s such a joy to the family!

6 Month update: January 2017
Ellie is 39 lbs, and as much a bundle of energy and joy as ever!  She goes to leash free parks almost daily, and runs so quickly, she sometimes trips over her own feet!  She is scheduled to be spayed tomorrow.



Sammi ~ December 2016 ~ Mini Sheepadoodle 6 months

Greetings from Sammi!

Six months old and 37 lbs

Sammi was one of the bigger Mini Sheepadoodles in his litter.

Coloring is Sable in a Tuxedo.




Olive ~ November 2016 ~ Mini Sheepadoodle 5 monthsaa

Hey Delicia,

Olive is almost 20 pounds now and is sweet as can be.

Thought you might like some pics of her!




Mabel ~ October 2016 ~ Standard Sheepadoodle

“Happy Thanksgiving!
Thought we’d send you a few photos. Mabel is settling in well. Sleeps through the night and doing well with her house training. She is so lovable and always wants to be with you or on your lap! (Unless she is tired then she find her own space). She is very energetic and attracts a lot of attention on our walks.
We are loving our new addition. She is just adorable.

November update ~ Mabel continues to do well. She is such a softy and is loving the cooler temps. On frosty mornings it hard to get her back indoors.
Here’s a couple of new pic! She still has a little pink on her nose. Hope it stays! ~ Charlie & Family



Jasper’s Testimony ~ January 2016

“We picked up little Jasper on 15th August just after he turned 8 weeks. We could tell right away which one he was as he was half the size of any other puppy in the litter! Delicia had told us that he was extremely sociable and loved to be around people and we could see why – as soon as we met him, he was so excited to say hello to us, it was as if he’d known us all his life!
Jasper took to his new home the minute we picked him up and has been nothing short of a wonderful member of our family. He just loves everyone! We think that a big part of the reason he is so sociable is the way that he was brought up inside Delicia’s home and with her children being so involved with playing with the pups from a very young age. Jasper is happiest when he is sitting in the car watching the world go by, playing with other dogs, being the centre of attention with people or chasing after his abundance of soft toys – he is so funny with his antics and we often find he has sneaked a pair of our slippers or socks into his bed without us noticing so he can secretly chew on them later!
Jasper is now 6 months old and weighs around 12lbs. He has a beautiful teddy bear like wavy apricot coat and looks even cuter than when we first got him if that’s even possible. We cannot take him anywhere without being mobbed by people wanting to say hello to him and tell us how adorable he is!
We couldn’t have asked for a better dog than Jasper, or a better family to get him from, and would highly recommend Cranbrook Family Dogs to anyone else looking for their next addition to the family!”
Jasper with ball…cute! Jasper running with ball








Sammy’s Testimony ~ May 2016

DSC_0385I got Sammy when he was 8 weeks old and from the moment that I got him, he has been such a wonderful little pup!  He has a warm and friendly temperament and is always happy. He loves playing with his toys and amazingly never chews on anything unless it’s something that I’ve given to him to play with.  He loves to play fetch – he is excellent at going to get his toy, but we are still learning to bring it back and actually drop it for more fetching!  But overall, he loves to learn and is a very very trainable puppy.  He was housebroken within a few days and we haven’t looked back since… even when we stay over at my family or friends’ houses, he always cries at the door to go outside.Sammy image6

Sammy loves to go for walks and is great off-leash at dog parks… he plays really well with other dogs and is really well socialized, neither aggressive nor passive, just nicely in the middle but he always comes to find me if the play with other pooches is getting too much for him and he needs a little break.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to get very far on our walks because people stop us at every corner to give him some scratches and tell me how cute he is.

Sammy image4When we are at home, he likes to nap in the sunshine and usually will come for a cuddle with me on the couch every evening.  He is now about 10 months old and weighs 20lbs.  He has a lovely soft cream and white parti coat and is essentially completely hypoallergenic.  He doesn’t shed at all!

Sammy image1(1)My experience with Delicia and Cranbrook Family Dogs was excellent.  They were always very helpful and accommodating and it was clear the pups were raised in a loving home.  Sammy really is such a wonderful and lovely dog, I can’t imagine my life without him.  I highly recommend Cranbrook Family Dogs!



Happy’s Testimony ~ January 2017

Female from Ginger x Flame

Hey Delicia!

Happy is 9 months now! My family and I would like to wish you a happy holidays!

Happy is everything that we’ve wanted and more!  ~ Fenny

Watch Happy and Fenny (owner) sing “If You’re Happy & You Know It” together on You Tube!



Clover’s Testimony ~ January 2017

Hi Delicia,

I can’t believe our little Clover turned 1 yesterday! It’s incredible how quickly time flew by! We thought this would be the perfect chance to send you an update on how she’s been doing.
She weighs in at about 18lb now and we are hoping she won’t get any bigger as she is the perfect size!! Her coat remained the apricot color she had as a puppy, which we absolutely love!
When we picked up Clover 10 months ago, she immediately stole our hearts and we knew she would be a very special pup. We enrolled her in 3 training classes so far (puppy class, foundation skills, and canine good neighbor prep class) and she was always the brightest dog there! She consistently learns new tricks in half the time any other dog does!
We can’t thank you enough for raising such a perfect pup. She is the most friendly, sociable, and happy go lucky dog I have ever seen. I can’t tell you the amount of people that have stopped me on the street and asked where I got Clover from. I have sent many referrals your way 🙂
She’s a very sweet and good natured dog with lots of love to give and is full of energy (sometimes even too much!). She goes on an hour walk with our dog walker every day, and we take her to the park for a 40min romp after work but she’s still full of energy after that!
I attached some pictures of her so you can see how much she’s grown. She also has her own Instagram account where I can post all the pictures I have of her! (@cloverthedoodle)
Thanks again for such a perfect pup, she has filled our home with so much joy!
Fiammetta & Michael