Standard Sheepadoodles

We are expecting a litter Standard Sheepadoodles from Sophie and Marlin this February. This will be their first litter together.   Sophie is a lovely purebred AKC Old English Sheepdog and has passed all her tests. Marlin is a striking black and white purebred Parti Standard Poodle. 

We have waited very long for Sophie to become pregnant. We have tried time after time, using progesterone tests and using a different stud each time. Still she did not get pregnant. This time we decided to have two males take turns breeding her naturally as our final attempt – with vet approval.  And from what we can tell so far, it looks like Sophie is pregnant!  

We will be doing DNA testing once the pups are born to determine which pups belong to which dad. Sophie will be carrying either Purebred Old English Sheepdog puppies and/or Standard Sheepadoodle puppies. She was bred primarily to Marlin so we will wait and see what we receive.  Jake was the purebred OES stud that bred her for purebred OES puppies. We hope to have DNA tests finalized by the time pups are 5 weeks old so that people can choose their puppies around the 7 or 8 week point.  

These pups should be due around February 24, 2018 and be ready to go home the end of April 2018. 

We expect black and white tuxedo and parti coats in these pups.  These pups could stay black and white in their adult coat since Marlin has a deep jet black coat.

Sophie’s pups will be reserved for those people waiting on our Standard Sheepadoodle litter and/or purebred OES waiting list.  We will post news of pups when they arrive later in February 2018. 

We are planning to have another couple litters of Standard Sheepadoodles Summer and Fall 2018.  We plan to open up the waiting list again May 2018 for those interested in our Summer and Fall Sheepadoodles. 



Born July 9, 2017 – ALL THESE PUPS ARE SOLD


Check back Spring 2018 for our next litters

Twelve adorable little puppies were born Sunday afternoon on July 9, 2017.  Seven boys and five girls have graced their presence to this earth.  Missy and puppies are doing well. They love the fleece bedding in their whelping area as it keeps them cozy, dry and warm.  We will start working out puppy picking around 5 weeks of age for those on the waiting list. Pictures arriving soon!

This is Missy x Jake’s second litter together. They have produced lovely standard Sheepadoodles in the past.  All of these pups have tuxedo coats with either white face or patch on one or two eyes.  The puppies will be born with black and white coats but I expect the adult coats to transition into the blue grey and white like the OES.  

Missy is a gentle calm dog and soaks in attention from anyone! Jake is friendly and confident yet has a submissive personality to people and other dogs.  These puppies should have desirable temperaments for a family dog.   Puppies should be ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age the beginning of September 2017.  

Patched faced Boys

White faced Boys

Patched faced Girls

White faced Girls

Blue Collar Boy – Breeders pick

Red Collar Boy – Gilbreath Family

Black Collar Boy – Filardi Family

Light Blue Collar Boy – Randy & Jenn’s Pup

Lime Green Collar Boy – Amie’s pup

Dark Green Collar Male – Graham & Andrea’s Family

Orange Collar Boy – Crystal

Burgundy Collar Girl – Shayson Stewart’s pup

Pink Collar Girl – Ryan & Megan’s Pup

Purple Collar Girl – Katie Kallio

White Collar Girl – Robert White’s pup

Yellow Collar Girl – Jenn & Brent’s pup





Born April 12, 2017



Sarah & Bruno produce F1 Sheepadoodles with a soft wavy coat.  They also have lovely markings with patches on one or both eyes.   There are a few white faced pups as well! Both Sarah and Bruno are affectionate and very friendly, so you should have a wonderful companion out of this litter!  These pups are a smaller sized Standard Sheepadoodle. Puppies ready to go home beginning of June 2017.  All pups are reserved.


Oates – Kurtis & Ainsley’s Pup

Finn – Douglas Family’s Pup

Benji – Glenn Family’s Pup

Sully – Donohue Family’s Pup

Garrow Family’s Pup

Breeder’s Pick – Van Leeuwen’s Pup

McBean Family’s Pup

Sheppard Family’s Pup

Donohue Family’s Pup

Jacqueline’s Pup

    ~ Below pups are all spoken for ~

Jewels x Jake girls 1 wk text

alt=sheepadoodles for sale

Walter ~ Spoken for ~ Danielle’s pup

Mable ~ Spoken for ~ Owen family



Missy's Male 2 6 wk text Missy's Male 3 6 wk text Missy's Male 4 6 wk text