Moyen Sheepadoodles

11 Pups Born Nov 14, 2017

7 Boys and 4 Girls

We are excited about our next litter of Moyen Sheepadoodles. Piper is so sweet and gentle. Everyone who meets her is captured by her kind demeanour.  She is a smaller Standard Poodle weighing about 38 lbs.  This will be Pipers first litter of pups.  Wrigley, our Mini Sheepadoodle stud, weighs in at 40 lbs and is such a charmer! His handsome looks stop most people dead in their tracks begging for a pet and asking what kind of dog he is – of course Wrigley is always happy to get some attention and soaks it all in.  

These pups should be amazing for temperament and looks. Their size should be around 38-40 lbs matured. I expect these pups to all be grey and white when they have their adult coats.  Some pups will have curlier coats and others will have wavy coats.  

Whoever gets one of these pups sure is getting a top notch sheepadoodle pup! These pups are reserved for those on our Moyen Sheepadoodle waiting list. We plan to reopen the waiting list again sometime 2018 once our next litter of Moyen Sheepadoodles arrive – likely Spring 2018.

Straight coats

Curly coats



The Moyen sized Sheepadoodle is a cross that Cranbrook Family Dogs has designed using a F1 Mini Sheepadoodle Stud (40 lbs) with a Smaller Standard Poodle.  We created this size to provide for those looking for something a little smaller than the Standard size.  The Moyen Sheepadoodle should shed even less then the already hypoallergenic F1 Sheepadoodle.  

Some of the pups will have curlier coats in the litter and others will have the wavy look.  You can have a variety of coats within the litter.  The pups will have the black and white markings. These pups will also have a better chance of staying black and white and not going grey and white.  

The term MOYEN comes from the poodle world.  It means medium in French.  The Moyen Poodle is the poodle size of about 30-45 lbs, right in between the Standard and Mini sized poodles.  To create the Moyen Sheepadoodle we will generally have a Mini Sheepadoodle Stud crossed with one of our Standard Poodles. These Moyen Sheepadoodle pups should mature to around 40 – 45 lbs. What a great size for the younger or older folk … another perfect family pet!   


Breeder may keep one pup from Piper x Wrigley’s Fall 2o17 litter

Tess White  ~ Winnipeg, MB ~ Male – Straighter coat male with patched face & brindle back ~ Piper x Wrigley Confirmed 

Darryl Erdle & Jaclyn  ~ Quebec ~ Male with 4-6 wks training ~ Piper x Wrigley Confirmed

Anonymous ~ Woodbridge, ON ~ Male with 2 wks training ~ Piper x Wrigley Confirmed

Dan Herold ~ Toronto, ON ~ Male with 2 wks training ~ Piper x Wrigley Confirmed

David & Lynne Fruitman ~ St. David’s, ON ~ Female ~ Piper x Wrigley Confirmed

Tina Haslip ~ Oakville, ON ~ Male Mini or Moyen Sheepadoodle ~ Piper x Wrigley Confirmed

Nick Prigioniero ~ Strathroy ~ Tiny or Moyen Female 

Greg Fenwick ~ Aurora, ON ~ Either gender ~ Piper x Wrigley Confirmed

Lindsay & Jeevin Shahi ~ Piper x Wrigley Confirmed

Denise Deutsch ~ Piper x Wrigley Confirmed

Straighter coat Boys

Curlier coated boys

Girls at 3 weeks


Our First Moyen Sheepadoodle Litter

Summer 2017

We are excited to announce the birth of our first litter of Moyen F1b Sheepadoodles.  Jewels x Wrigley had 7 healthy puppies born early Sunday morning of August 13, 2017.  There are 3 boys and 4 girls.  We have black and white pups and BROWN AND WHITE pups in this litter!!!  What a gorgeous array of colours!  Some of these pups have a straight coat, others will have a wavy coat and one or two will have a curly coat.  These pups should have amazing temperaments; friendly and outgoing and also very affectionate. This takes after both their parents outstanding personalities.  Celebrate with us as we welcome this litter!!


Puppy Pictures taken at 4 days old

Male 1

Male 2

Male 3

Female 1

Female 2

Female 3

Female 4


Puppy Pictures at 3.5 weeks old

Male 1 – Norman – Janice’s Pup

Male 2 – Benjamin – Chris’ Pup

Male 3 – Spoken for

Female 1 – Dylan & Jenna’s pup

Female 2 – Georgie – Oakville pup

Female 3 – Oreo – Karen’s Pup

Female 4 – Zoe – Maya’a pup
























Oreo – Female 3 at 10 weeks old